Partinator ®

When it comes to creating and finding the correct parts for you and your customers, our exclusive Partinator® tool makes it simple. We understand sorting thought millions of parts can sometimes stand between you and a sale, so every minute counts. Automate the process and get your estimates out up to 4 times faster.


Online Part Number Configurator

Partinator® helps you easily find the right part number you need, even if there are billions to choose from. Saving valuable time and reducing frustration.

Part Number Details

Every part number is assigned a webpage with all the details, specifications and images displayed in a consistent format. It even attaches data sheets that can be shared with your customers. This allows users to drill down and get all the details they want and need for every project, eliminating the guess work.


Calculated costs and prices

For the most accurate proposals possible, leave it to Partinator® to automatically develop a cost and list price for every part number. All the key cost and price information will now be at your fingertips.

Faceted Search

Save valuable time and resources and quickly find the part number you are looking for by filtering down the attributes of the products. Give your customers all the tools and resources they need for success.


Embed with iframes

Display a Partinator® on your website and enable your customers to find the right part. The ability to embed directly on your site means no duplication of efforts and everything always stays up to date on the site.

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