Smart Part Number Quoter


Import Excel/CSV product list

To get moving more quickly, just import a list of products from a customer or vendor to populate your quote and get it out even faster.

Pricinator™ pricing calculator tool

With Pricinator™ you can quickly apply the margin or discount you need to win the business. After that, all the math is done for you with a click of the mouse.


Base and Adder Pricing

If you require the ability to quote cable assemblies without knowing the length, Kwotinator® makes it possible. Simply give customers a price for the base terminations and the length adder separately, the system does the rest.

Pricing Profiles - Day to Day and Project

Develop special pricing for a project with multiple jobs simply with project pricing. Plus, everyday quotes can be automated by setting up the pricing rules once in the system. No more re-inventing the wheel each time.


Export to Excel and PDF

When your customer has a preference for a specific file format, just export to PDF, Excel or other formats that your customer might require.

Customer Access

Provide maximum customer service and convenience by inviting customers to view and create self serve quotes online. When they develop their own quotes, everyone wins.


Built in messaging

Keep track of the entire conversation about a specific quote right within the quote. No more going back and forth to your email as all your communication is all in one place.

Ad hoc products

Want to add a new product? No problem. Add any product on the fly without creating dirty data.


Release tracking

If updates to quotes are required, our Kwotinator® system tracks all changes so you never lose the history of the project.

On Quote Inventory Availability

Do everything in one window. See what you have in stock right from the quote line, no need to open anything else.


Bulk updates

Search, filter and select multiple quote lines and update the pricing all at once. Save time, energy and frustration with this bulk update function.

On Quote Pricing History

If you want to see what you’ve quoted others in a certain geographic area, that information is available right from within the quote.


Quantity Discounts

To win more business, give the option to your customer to save when they buy more. An excellent way to reward larger purchases and build relationships with customers.

You can even develop special pricing for a project with multiple jobs simply with project pricing.

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