BOMinator ®

Bill of Materials is one of the most important and useful tools you can provide. The BOMinator® gives your customers the ability to create a list of materials and quantities for a project using all your part numbers and the other related products they need to finish the job.


Labor Cost Calculator

Provide your customers with a tool to calculate the labor time and cost needed to complete a project. Make sure they have this all important tool at the ready.

BOM Sharing

Add multiple customers to the same bill of materials to automatically create a quote for each. No need to break things out, our system does the work for you. More than one vendor? No problem. BOMinator® allows you to add multiple vendors to your BOM to request pricing streamlining your work flow.


Export to Excel

Get the power and utility of Excel working for you with the ability to export the bill of materials and labor to an excel file so you can manage the job or buy the products.

Elements make it easier

Now you can combine parts into groups (Elements) to make the project simpler to understand and update. You can even save elements that are often used as templates to be used on other projects without reinventing the wheel.


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