Quote up to 4x faster.
Win more bids.
Grow your business.

Boost your bottomline with the quickest, most efficient and stress-free way to quote configured products.


FREE Guide to Building Faster Quotes

Increase your chance of winning business and raise your margins. Download our FREE guide today to learn the 7 steps to building amazing quotes super fast for your custom configured products.

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    The fastest quote wins

    Experience tells us that customers are more likely to give their order to the vendor that responds first. The faster you can get your customer what they need the more likely your business will be awarded the contract.

    “What used to take hours, now takes minutes. We never sweat the last minute opportunities because Partfiniti means we’re always ready.”

    Brian Brown

    Vice President Marketing, Accu-Tech

    Triple or quadruple the number of quotes you send every day

    Quoting faster means you can quote more! More quotes per day translates into more successful bids and enhanced profit potential. Make the most out of every opportunity with Partfiniti.


    “I’ve never seen a technology solution that so comprehensively addressed all our needs. The team at Partfiniti understands our business and our customers’ needs almost as well as we do.”

    Steve Rockwell

    Vice President Operations, Zero Connect


    Automate your process for increased accuracy and consistency

    When customers get the proper products when they need them, that leads to increased loyalty, trust and most important of all, repeat business. The Partfiniti slate of tools ensures pixel perfect quotes every time.

    “Finding the right part number quickly and getting the part number set up can be tedious. Partfiniti really knows the business and helped make pricing much more stress-free.”

    Steve Rockwell

    Vice President Operations, Zero Connect

    The most simple way to generate part numbers and pricing

    The number of product configurations quickly gets into the thousands or even millions with just a few options. List price, contract price, project price, quantity discounts, meet comps, and lots of other factors makes choosing the right price for a specific quote a complicated process. Partfiniti’s time tested method simplifies it all with just a few simple clicks.

    Contact us today to find our how Partfiniti’s suite of tools can help streamline your quoting process and generate more business for your organization.

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    FREE Excel Part Number Configurator

    The first step in automating your quoting process is coming up with consistent part numbers and part descriptions. Download our FREE Excel template and get started right now.

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