Transforming Quotes from Hassle to Hero


This Changes Everything.

A parts marketplace like no other.


A Complete Supply Chain Solution.

Every part, every configuration, at your fingertip.


It’s a big world of parts out there.

For any given industry, there can be thousands of parts, millions of configurations. And thousands of people from hundreds of companies who make, sell, distribute or are looking for those parts.

Searching, spec’ing and estimating parts for a job can be tedious for everyone throughout the supply chain.

Partfiniti is changing all that. With a cloud-based, 24/7-accessible parts marketplace.

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“There are other technology solutions out there. But I’d never seen one that so comprehensively addressed all our needs. The guys at Partfiniti have been in the parts business a long time. They understand our needs and our customers’ needs almost as well as we do.”


For Manufacturers
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For Manufacturers

All parts, every configuration — and the ability to generate part numbers in real time. Quotes are effortless, communications streamlined.

The Partinator® provides:

  • Smart Part Number configuration
  • pricing configurator
  • automated pricing
  • quoting tools
  • generated images
  • integrated parts literature
  • integrated messaging
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For Distributors

Provide an extraordinarily valuable service to your contractors and other downstream customers and free up your time to focus on business growth.

The Kwotinator® for distributors provides:

  • customized interface and outputs
  • pricing automation
  • customer quoting tool
  • vendor RFQ tool
  • part number configurators
  • bill of materials tool
  • lead time confirmation
  • data sheet management
  • price list maintenance
  • inventory monitoring
  • integrated messaging
  • activity log
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For Contractors

No laborious research and gathering, no cumbersome cost comparisons, no waiting. One system gives you access to every available product, configuration and pricing, along with the ability to order, track and access all the information to get and finish the job.

Partfiniti’s BOMinator® for contractors provides:

  • bill of materials tool
  • RFQ to vendors
  • ability to compare RFQs on one page
  • .xls-format downloads
  • centralized access to technical information
  • integrated messaging


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“It was Friday night at 6:30 and the bid was due first thing Monday morning. Historically, we would’ve been screwed. Instead, we were able to login to a site created just for us, get exactly what we needed and submit the job quote in minutes. Before Partfiniti, this would’ve created a dire situation.”


Saves Time

Saves Time

Spec’ing and estimating were tedious task for everyone in the supply chain. Not anymore. Spend time growing and servicing your business. Not chasing part numbers.

Eliminates Confusion

Eliminates Confusion

Pinpoint product identification and configuration, and real-time price quoting for millions of parts. Take the guess work out of it.

24/7 Accessibility

24/7 Accessibility

Online access, any time of day. Get real-time quotes on millions of parts and configurations.

Recapture Man Hours

Recapture Man Hours

Oh, the hours we’ve spent tracking down quotes, finding part numbers, writing up proposals, gathering documentation. Not. Any. More.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Salesforce on the road? Never an access issue — Partfiniti is cloud-based. And always at the ready.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Imagine the possibilities when you can give your customers immediate access to every part, every price, every time.

“We’ve already seen a pretty steady rise in quote activity. More and more of our sales people and customers are using the features of the Partfiniti each day. That creates more opportunity for everyone!”

Infinite Parts. One Choice.

The creative innovators at Partfiniti come from the parts business. They know the challenges — and decided to break free of conventional ways of problem solving. Rather than creating a solution that, like so many others, addressed part of the need, they went big. All the parts, easily accessible.


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